Love Jihad is real, says Kerala High Court

Love Jihad is real, says Kerala High Court
— Wants law to stop forced conversions

Jihad is real, says Kerala High Court
VR Jayaraj | Kochi
Wants law to stop forced conversions
The Kerala High Court on Wednesday stated that forced conversions,
termed as Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad, and efforts for that were a
reality in the State despite the arguments by the Kerala Director
General of Police, and Union Home Department to the contrary.
Stating that the State Government had the responsibility to check
forced conversions, the court asked it to formulate legislation on the
lines of the other States.
Rejecting a petition for anticipatory bail in a Love Jihad case filed
by Shehenshah, a Muslim youth, who had allegedly forced a non-Muslim
MBA girl student of a Pathanamthitta college in the name of love, the
court said that campuses should not be turned into venues for forced
conversions through false love affairs.
Justice KT Sankaran also rejected another petition seeking a ban on the
use of the terms Love Jihad and Romeo Jihad.
Earlier, Kerala DGP Jacob Punnoose had submitted in the court that no
evidence was available to prove the existence of an organised movement
in the State, specialising in converting non-Muslim girls into Islam
through treacherous love affairs. Subsequently, the Union Home
Department told the court that it had no information of any movement
anywhere in the country specialising in such conversion methods.
Justice Sankaran also pointed out that the reports submitted by top
police officials in the State were of contradictory in nature. The DGP
had told the court that there were no “actionable” evidences to suggest
that such a conversion campaign was on in Kerala but indications of
possibility of such a programme was there. The court also said that 14
out of the 18 reports from SPs on the matter, submitted by the DGP,
were of no value or use.
However, police reports themselves had made it clear that forced
conversions through love affairs as a movement had been going on in
Kerala since 1996. The judge said that the police reports had indicated
that about 4,000 conversions had taken place through love affairs in
the past four years, and 2,800 girls of other religions had undergone
conversion into Islam in this period.
He also said that 1,600 such conversions had taken place in four
northern districts, including Malappuram, Kerala’s Muslim-majority
district. It was evident from the report submitted by the DGP that
outfits like Islamist Popular Front of India (earlier NDF) and its
student wing, the Campus Front, were behind the organised campus-based
conversion programme, said Justice Sankaran.
He added that the DGP’s report had also indicated that Muslim
conversion centres had been functioning in Kozhikode district.
Though the Constitution guaranteed equal rights to all religions, the
right for faith should not be used for forced conversions and
conversions through treachery, the judge said. Mixed marriages could be
promoted but such marriages should not be used as tools for forced or
treacherous conversions, he pointed out.
He also said that several other States had formulated legislations for
preventing forced conversions and the people and the Government of
Kerala should consider formulation of such legislation in view of the
particular context.


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