N- deal revisited. Need to renegotiate the N- deal.

N- deal revisited. Need to renegotiate the N- deal.
: by: Dr Yogesh Patel, 3-12-09

Mr. Singh & Soniaji, please save India pride.
Think Indian & throw away US kowtowing & head bending policy.

N- deal has failed to generate strategic & political advantage for India.

For US, on strategic issues, China is an important ally. It has a significant role to play in Asia. Obama’s expressions about China’s reign over Tibet & its role in India-Pak relations have serious geopolitical implications for India’s regional affairs.
Our policymakers have to accept that US foreign policy over Asia is mainly Sino-centric as well as Pak- supportive.
Delicious dinner is not an achievement in strategic issues. Respect showered by US to an individual or some people is much different from geopolitical and strategic partnership.
Britishers were giving a few the title Raibahadoor, who in turn were so enthused that they helped Briton to rule over India. Modern Raibahadoor Singh & Sonia are doing the same by letting US & Europe dictate India’s affairs.
Not dinner, we want the Sinner, terrorist harbinger & heaven Pakistan. Mr. Singh must tell this boldly to Obama. The insult that Mr. Singh assigned to Indian pride & interests is the price we had to pay for dinner.
Mr. Singh could not make US to sign N fuel reprocessing agreement.
N accident liability bill accepted by government shows how sheepish we are. In case of any N accident occurring in the plant, operator, i.e. Indian states are responsible, not the supplier or dealer of the technology or reactors. Onus of liability is not on the trader or producer, but on the user. How ridiculous? Nationalist MPs must block this bill in the Parliament.

N energy is of great importance to India. Its military & strategic value can never be underestimated. But it must be centered on indigenisation & self-reliance must be the aim. Technology and fuel may be imported, not at the cost of sovereignty, self-reliance, reprocessing rights, freedom to develop new technology like fast-breeder reactor, thorium based reactors. Rethinking on shameful End- user agreement, which gives right to US to track anywhere, any site in India, which could have used any part of technology, is the need of hour.
It is also true that electricity generated from these plants may be available after 10-15 years, and that too at a very exorbitant cost. For energy needs, alternatively, non-conventional sources of energy like solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, etc. – must be given importance.
People advocating the deal argued it to be a merchant deal – commercial deal & US having no strategic evil designs over India’s N capabilities. Wrong. US strategic decisions are overwhelmed by its commercial interests. Here they have more interest in China & Arab world.

So it is apparent that the N deal was oversold. It is time to renegotiate the deal & regain the lost pride.




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