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VHP is committed to Sri Ram Temple at Ayodhya

-Dr Pravin Togadia

New Delhi, 24th November, 2009

Reiterating the stand of VHP about Sri Rama Janma Bhumi at Ayodhya, Dr Pravin Togadiya, Secretary General of VHP said, “Any symbol created, built or otherwise, by any foreign invader in Akhand Bharat is a national shame. It never happens in any nation that a majority is consistently humiliated, hurt & persecuted. If it so happens anywhere then it is a national shame. A structure built by Babur cracking & destroying majority Hindus’ place of worship & place of utter faith can never be glorified in Bharat. Whoever tries to do so are putting Bharat at a risk of losing again to the modern day methods of foreign invasions like Jehadi attack, economic exploitation etc. Therefore, falling of Babri is the proudest moment of Hindus in Bharat.”

Dr Togadiya further reassured, “A magnificent Sri Ram temple will be built at the site. It is a socio-religious, cultural & legal right of the Hindus of Bharat who worship Bhagwan Sri Ram for ages even before the invaders’ religions were even born. Playing with Hindu religious sentiments has become a fashion these days. But over 85 crore Hindus in Bharat & many millions of Hindus internationally have been waiting for the glorious Sri Ram temple at the site. VHP is fully committed to it & to the Hindus. Sri Ram Janma Bhumi movement is not just a one off event & the movement has been taking place for over 450 years in different forms. With millions of Hindus, VHP does Sankalp to prevent any invaders’ structures to be rebuilt again to humiliate Hindus & is also committed to building great Sri Ram Temple at the site. Reports like Liberhan Commission report & others come & go, leaders come & go, governments come & go, but Hindu culture of protecting Hindu heritage & worship places has been going on for ages. It will go on for ages. Therefore, irrespective of political parties, governments & a limited biased people’s chatter box debates, HINDUS STAND TALL IN BHARAT & WITH VHP in the Sri Rama Janma Bhumi movement. Bharat recently saw similar Hindu unity in Rameswaram Ramsethu movement, in Amarnath movement & in Gouraksha movement. This Hindu unity will make wonders for Bharat & stand up against any odds. Hindus & VHP are ready for any sacrifice for building Sri Ram temple at the site.”


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