Muslims of India to Boycott JaiHo….?

Muslims of India to Boycott JaiHo….?

Bankimbabu’s “VandeMataram” depicts BharatMata in human form.
Santans of BharatMata revere personified expression of BHARAT.
This is the Spirit of the Poem & the will of Poet.

Muslims of undivided India had reservation for this song.
They objected to “VandeMataram” citing that Islam do not permit Muslims to worship personified deity.
Congress, to appease Muslims, chop down the National Freedom Movement Song.

Similarly, JaiHo… expresses reverence for some personal figure.
It may be JaiHo…Sonia amma ki, JaiHo…Rahul baba ki, JaiHo…Indira nani ki, JaiHo…Nehru chacha ki, JaiHo…Priyanka Robert Vadhra didi ki, JaiHo…Panja (Hand) ki, or JaiHo… BharatMata ki, or surely, BharatMata ki JaiHo….
SlumdogMillionaire child artist Azharuddin shouted at Sonia — JaiHo…SoniaAunty.

Does Quran permits JaiHo….
Muslims are to recite JaiHo…. or oppose it, let Maulavis, Madarasas decide.
Will Islam be selective in its approach to personification of Deities or Deitification of persons.

This Election will tell us.




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